Fewer women than men will regain work during COVID-19 recovery: ILO

29.07.2021 Per 10:50

According to International Labour Organization (ILO), women around the world face income losses especially in the sectors such as food services, accommodation and manufacturing which are effected negatively due to lockdowns arising from COVID-19 pandemic.

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During the pandemic, women’s employment relatively better in the states that took some measures to prevent them from losing their jobs and let them to regain their jobs as early as possible. For example, countries such as Chile, Colombia, Senegal, Mexico and Kenya empowered supports for women entrepreneurs by initiating public employment programs including wage subsidies. Report also emphasized that violence against women and job-related gender-based violence has worsened during COVID-19 pandemic hindering women's ability to do their job. ILO strongly encourages women's participation in decision-making processes and more effective social dialogue.
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