Message from Head of Department

30.05.2018 Wed 04:10
Dear Students,

In the world of global competition, managers and employees with different areas of expertise are needed to achieve a sustainable success in the top ranking in the development index. It is possible to stay within the boundaries of the development index, to be able to sustain continuous improvement, but only with the help of human power grown in every field.

Globalization is in a different dimension and the knowledge that today's validity can lose its validity in the future increases the need for maneuverability in the field of maneuverability which is dynamic, changeable, mostly maneuverable in changes in the digital world, At this point, both our sector and academy-based highly valued academic staff of our age are capable of earning these skills.

We not only equip our students with theoretical and practical knowledge, but also assist our students in personal development and future planning. At this point we provide opportunities for our students to experience multiculturalism and improve their foreign language skills through educational programs in partner universities in Europe and the Erasmus program. In addition, travel expenses of our students who prefer abroad for language training are also covered by our Board of Trustees.

By providing students with the opportunity to study in double major while studying in Business Administration; we offer training opportunities that can enhance future business opportunities by strengthening their education with double diploma or different disciplines. Our university does not charge additional fees for these.

Head of Business Administration Department
Asst. Prof. Yeşim KOÇYİĞİT


Cihangir Mahallesi Şehit Jandarma Komando Er Hakan Öner Sk. No:1 Avcılar / İSTANBUL


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