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 About Faculty

Our faculty, which was founded in 2011, has become a distinguished institution of Turkish Higher Education in a short time with its accredited international programs and student-centered perspective.
In our faculty, it is aimed to raise young people who closely follow the developments in the world, meet the needs of the new world order, and protect local values and care about social benefit.
In our faculty where the ability to produce knowledge-based solutions is given to students, there are 25 programs which are Business Administration (English and Turkish), Political Science and International Relations (English and Turkish), International Trade (English and Turkish), International Logistics and Transport (English and Turkish), Aviation Management (English and Turkish), Economics and Finance (English and Turkish), Psychology (English and Turkish), International Business and Trade, English Language and Literature, Radio Television and Cinema, Public Relations and Publicity, Advertising Design and Communication, Sociology, Political Science and Public Administration, Turkish Language and Literature, Tourism Guidance, New Media and Management Information Systems.
With these programs given at undergraduate level, our students whose number is increasing every year, prepare for business life and the first step of a successful career is taken. In our faculty programs, individuals are trained not only to make them successful in the business world but also make them who have developed their inquiry and solution competence on social, economic and political dynamics, and have gained the ability to understand and interpret what is happening in their country and in the world, equipped with current knowledge and experience in their fields, creative and flexible, ethical and paying regards to academic values, devoted, do not compromise democracy and basic human rights, respect the public interest, libertarian and polyphonic, capable of self-expression.
In all English undergraduate programs, all courses are conducted in 100% English and five-year academic education is provided, including a one-year compulsory English preparatory program. Turkish undergraduate programs are complemented by a four-year academic education.
In collaboration with the Faculty of Economics, Administrative and Social Sciences and Graduate Education Institute, a total of 26 postgraduate programs, 4 doctoral and 22 master programs, are carried out. It is planned to embody a wider academic area by increasing the number of these programs.
Students who want to continue their education abroad and have sufficient foreign language skills can continue their education in different countries within the framework of Erasmus + Exchange Program and bilateral agreements. In recent years, many students in our faculty have benefited from exchange programs and gained international experience. The interest in these programs continues increasingly. It is possible for our students to get a second undergraduate diploma in other programs of our faculty, and also students from the Department of Business Administration by doing a double major in some departments of the Faculty of Engineering.
‘We are Gelisim – We are the Improvement’.