Faculty of Economics, Administrative and Social Sciences

 Dean's Message

                                                                               Dekan hoca

Dear Students,

Globalization comes up with it an intense competition. To cope with the competition, it is a necessity to train human resources who are equipped with knowledge and skills, are research-oriented and have a comprehensive understanding and interpretation capacity of the world.
Change has always existed throughout human history. However, the pace of change has slightly increased due to recent happenings we encountered. Also, the effect of Industry 4.0 which targets dark factories by bringing together the use of tools such as artificial intelligence, the internet of things, autonomous systems, and smart robots, by minimizing the human factor in production, it is clear that no profession can be performed in the future as it is today. We have perceived this much better during the Covid-19 pandemic.
These developments also increase expectations from higher education. It is of great importance that universities are aware of this need, as well as being open to change and realizing this change with their internal dynamics. Gelisim University stands out as a university that closely follows the changes and developments in the world.
In today's world, labor also desires to be able to circulate freely and is in a quest to circulate. For the labor to circulate freely in this way, the qualifications gained in higher education must be accepted worldwide. In other words, the diploma to be obtained must be recognized and accepted by other countries. Due to the will of the board of trustees and the timely determination of this fact by the university administration, most departments of our Faculty of Economics, Administrative and Social Sciences have been accredited by international accreditation institutions. Thus, both foreign and domestic students can choose the department of our Faculty of Economics, Administrative and Social Sciences without any hesitation.
In our rapidly changing world, with the thought that only the information given in the courses will not be enough for our students to educate themselves and prepare for the future, expert scientists and successful entrepreneurs are brought together with our students to share their experiences in domestic and international exchange programs and conferences organized within the university.
Prof. Dr. Kenan Aydın
Acting Dean